I'm still into you

Hi guys,

I wore this outfit when it was still hot and sunny outside. Unfortunately we’ve had heavy rain for the past couple of days. I really hate rain, because my hair always gets frizzy and it just won't stay in place so I always end up wearing a bun. Another reason why I hate rain is because I am just so lazy when it comes to caring an umbrella, I would rather be wet than carry umbrella around all day.
Anyways, since it was hot and sunny outside, I decided to wear this »light blouse« and plain black leggings. I love that the shirt is longer in the back, since I am one of those people who hate to wear anything short paired with leggings. Lately I dress mostly casual and comfy, because I literally spend every day in library studying. I just can't wait for this school madness to be over :) 

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